Coming To Terms With Adulting…

Is extremely difficult! Anyone else in agreement?

From work, to bills, to misbehaving dogs, to healthy eating, to worrying about every minute detail of your life. Life is crazy. I, for one, have periods when everything becomes too much and I feel like I’m spiralling. I’m twenty-five years old and I feel so much pressure to make something of my life that it can make me crazy sometimes! Life a premature mid-life crisis – how insane is that?

A couple of months ago I decided that instead of reacting to everything that happened in my life, I needed to be more proactive. Set some goals, go after the things I want and take a more mindful approach to life. This hadn’t been an easy adjustment for me; attempting to alter the way I think is so hard! Everyday I have dozens of little internal battles with myself, trying to challenge my thought patterns in the hope that they will eventually change.

My blog will detail some of the theories and advice that is out there on ways to grab hold of your life, as well as general updates on my life and my progress. So please have a read if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by life and feel free to comment and offer some of your own suggestions!

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Okay, so a little background on me so the direction of the blog makes sense!

I have a very boring job, lets just get that out of the way. It’s fine, it pays the bills, but it’s not what I want to be doing for the rest of my life and it lacks the opportunity to be creative.

Writing about myself has always been somewhat of a daunting task for me. I guess I’m just an ordinary twenty-five year old woman, but also kind of unique, because everyone is, right?

Anyway, I would say the first thing you should know about me is that I’m a dog person. I have two dogs that drive me insane, and I’m pretty sure I drive my friends and family more insane by managing to bring every conversation back around to the dogs. I know I do this, but I can’t stop! I’m sure they’ll make many appearances in my posts.

Reading is a big passion of mine. I love to read and have done since I was probably around ten years old. I just love stories, I love the way they can pull you in and bombard you with emotions. Words on a page can do that – when you think about that it’s kind of wonderful. Fiction is obviously my favourite, preferably a romance as I am a soppy pile of mush when it comes to love stories. I am, however, trying to broaden my horizons. In theme with the blog, I am getting into self-help (self-love/care) books. I’m aware that sounds little kooky, but they do have some sound advice! We’ll go into that later.

I’m a vegetarian and have been for about eighteen months now. Honestly, when I decided not to eat meat I couldn’t imagine it lasting more than a week at most. Neither did any of my friends or family, but it just felt right. After the first few weeks, I didn’t even miss it and now the thought of eating meat revolts me. LOL. Never thought those words would come out of my mouth.

I’m not that interesting so I really  don’t have that much more to write about my current situation so onto my goals for the future:

  • Finish my novel (Been on-going for about a billion years)
  • Buy a house
  • Be authentically me.
  • Create good habits (e.g. exercise, healthy eating, organisation, etc.)
  • Be financially stable

These are a few of my long-term goals. I’m in the process of refining the list and becoming very clear on what I desire for my future. Even this has been hard for me! I have always shied away from admitting I want the things I’ve listed as I thought it was better not to try and fail. How ridiculous is that? So ridiculous. I’m working on it! Which is what you’ll see in the blog.

I’ll be posting on a Sunday and Friday of every week so please keep your eye out and have a read. Don’t be afraid to comment and share your own experiences!

So if you fancy having a read go ahead, don’t be afraid to comment and share your own reading experiences!